Oceania University of Medicine

MD Graduate Admissions Process

Important Dates to Remember

Jan. 20-21, 2017
New Student Orientation for Accepted Students
Feb. 6, 2017
Basic Science Track (e-Foundation 100-series) begins
Mar. 15, 2017
Application Deadline for July 2017 Term

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Oceania University of Medicine Admission Standards

OUM uses the latest in e-learning technology to allow students to complete their studies with flexible timeframes in virtually any setting. This makes OUM best suited for self-directed, disciplined students who can manage to balance multiple life commitments with the demands of a rigorous curriculum. To assist students along the way, University faculty and administrators work closely with students to prepare them for the practice of rational, evidence-based, and compassionate healthcare.

The admission decision is based on academic success and healthcare experience where applicable, letters of recommendation, and the interview. Applications are accepted from students with all undergraduate courses of study. All MD candidates must have completed a bachelor's degree, or an equivalent four-year degree, at an appropriately accredited tertiary educational institution. US students seeking a medical degree must also have completed a full year of university-level chemistry.

Admission Tests

Since OUM's curriculum features the basic sciences needed for success in medical school, the MCAT is not required for American and Canadian applicants.


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The Oceania University of Medicine


Tuition fees are typically paid in the local currency of the student. Students from Australia pay in Australian dollars, New Zealand students pay in New Zealand dollars, and Americans and all other students pay tuition fees in US dollars.

New students are required to pay a non-refundable matriculation fee of US$500 at the time of acceptance to secure their choice of  enrollment date. The remainder of the first module's tuition must be paid at least 30 days before the term begins. Classes are filled on a first-paid, first-reserved basis, and classes are limited to 30 students per session.

Matriculation Fee
e-Foundation Sciences Blocks 100-Series
9 modules @ US$2,500 per four-week module
System-Based Modules
10 modules @ US$5,000 per module
Research Methodology & Clinical Skills Course
2 modules @ US$5,000 per module
Clinical Clerkships: 12-week Modules
2 modules @ US$7,500 per module*
Clinical Clerkships: 8-week Modules
3 modules @ US$5,000 per module*
Clinical Clerkships: 4-week Modules 
6 modules @ US$2,500 per module*

 * Does not include housing fees in the Samoas or other course-related travel/accommodations.

Payment Plans

Payment plans are available to all OUM students, as long as the student is enrolled in good standing and has not abused the payment plan privilege in the past. OUM will accept payment on student accounts in installments as long as half of the balance is paid four weeks before class (or a term) begins, and the balance due is paid two weeks after class (or a term) begins.

Monthly payments are available, allowing students to spread tuition payments evenly over an entire 12-month period for the number of modules they plan to take during that time. Payments are due by the first of every month, starting with the December payment. For example, if a student plans to take four system-based modules in a 12-month period, the fees would total US$20,000. If monthly payments were arranged, the amount due would be US$1,670.00

OUM aims to keep its tuition fees at a constant level to allow students to budget accordingly. When students matriculate into the program, the current tuition rate remains in effect for the preclinical modules and for clinical rotations, as long as the student maintains full-time status and remains in good standing with the University.


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