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Discover why so many healthcare professionals choose Oceania University of Medicine when they're ready to take that next step and become a doctor...

OUM PA Graduate Students



“I felt OUM gave me a lot of flexibility with my demanding schedule as a practicing PA when I enrolled. I was able to continue to work for the first two years in medical school. I also enjoyed the integrated approach to medicine which included comprehensive case studies based on the specialties.”

Dr. P.G., Former Physician Assistant and OUM Class of 2008, Practicing Physician in Internal Medicine, Suburban Chicago, USA


“If when you ask yourself, how can I do more for my patients and myself, to reach my highest professional and personal goals, the only option you can think of is becoming a physician, that's when you know you have made the right choice.”

C.K., Physician Assistant, OUM Class of 2019, from Georgia, USA


“If becoming a doctor is something you have always wanted to do, then enroll at OUM and do it... The faculty and staff will support you and do everything they can to make sure you become a doctor.”

Dr. J.A. Former Family Nurse Practitioner, OUM Class of 2012, Practicing Physician in Family Medicine, Missouri, USA


“Age really hasn't hurt me, it has perhaps been to my advantage. I've lived some life, have experience, and during residency, I haven't been treated any differently. In fact, there are four other residents in my program and I'm old enough to be their mother, but that doesn't matter. We're all learning."

Dr. O.W., Former Nurse Practitioner, OUM Class of 2014, Second-year Resident in Psychiatry, Arizona, USA

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